Prescription Writing Software

(Medications, Contact Lenses and Ophthalmic Lenses)

Still writing Rx's by hand, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on high-priced Electronic Medical Records software to generate computerized Rx's?  Use ezScriptWriter to store, print, and edit all your prescriptions (including medications, spectacle and contact lens Rx's).  Setup is a breeze, it works on both notebook and desktop systems (requires Windows XP or better).  And best of all, it's exceptionally affordable!


    Download your trial of ezScriptWriter 4.5


New features in ezScriptWriter 4.5 include a redesigned user-interface, enhanced security for HIPAA compliance, PDF support, typing shortcuts and enhanced networking support.

  • Runs on all versions of Windows (XP to Windows 8); 32 or 64 bit
  • Store Rx's; can be easily reprinted by staff members
  • Copy and paste your prior year's Rx data
  • Includes Rx templates for OPTOMETRISTS and OPHTHALMOLOGISTS
  • Print on plain paper or use special security paper
  • A full-featured PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS database let's you track your patient data too!

Try ezScriptWriter free for 30 days, or buy a single-user annual license for $129 US (WA state sales tax charged for state residents). Additional modules for scheduling, recalls and billing are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  Recent News

ezScriptWriter 4.5 creates Medication Rx's in seconds:  ezScriptWriter v4.5 now features several enhancements, including an improved billing module, scheduler and date import/exporter. A cleaner layout with more help options and tool wizard makes for a pleasing experience.
What's next : Improved customization and options for data entry tools.


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FAX/MAIL Orders: 800-497-3587 (order form can be generated within software!)

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  Why Choose ezScriptWriter for your Rx's?

Prescriptions, when handwritten, are notorious for often being illegibleezScriptWriter is so easy to learn and use, you will quickly be able to generate legible medication or ophthalmic prescriptions, saving you TIME and MONEY! Your staff can easily reprint prescriptions as needed.  Extra features include the ability to generate reports and letters on-the-fly.





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Download a fully functional demo of ezScriptWriter software and see for yourself how easy it can be to go legible!







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 The entire Rx is customizable!